FREE Upgrade

FREE Upgrade

The best news is upgrading to an EasiLIFE is absolutely FREE, one of our Engineers just needs to make a quick visit to fit the monitor.

Automatic Top-Ups

Automatic Top-Ups

With EasiLIFE we remotely monitor your tank 24/7. This telemetry allows us to organise top-ups to ensure that your tank never runs out.

Increased Security

Increased Security

With EasiLIFE you receive 'Sudden Drop & Leak Alerts'. These alerts will notify you of potential fuel thefts and damaged tanks.

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With EasiLIFE, Never Run Out Again!



Joining our EasiLIFE system is simple, and it takes all the hassle out of ordering your fuel. Instead you can sit back & relax as our experts monitor your tank’s levels. We then schedule deliveries designed to keep your tank topped-up all year round, so you never have to worry about running out again.

Why you should upgrade...EasiLIFE Benefits

With EasiLIFE you never have to check your tank again. Our Monitor does all the hard work for you, you just need to make a quick call to upgrade.

• Never Run Out Again
• 24/7 Monitoring
• Intuitive Stock Planning
• You Set the Top-Up 'Trigger Levels'
• Sudden Drop & Leak Alerts
• Regular Email Updates
• Delivery Notifications

Upgrading to an EasiLIFE is simple...How It Works

We will arrange one of our qualified engineers to visit your property so they can fit one of our EasiLIFE Monitors to the top of your tank. Your fuel deliveries will then be scheduled based on telemetry gathered from this monitor. The monitor works 24/7 and will alert your local depot when the tank has reached its trigger level. We then organise a top-up to be sent out to you as soon as possible.

The EasiLIFE Monitor allows us to build a custom fuel delivery schedule, which is designed to keep fuel in your tank for when you need it the most.

Gone are the days of checking your tank in the rain and cold, you can now depend on the EasiLIFE to check your levels for you!

Find out more...What We Monitor

• Consumption Data
• Daily Liquid Levels
• Tank Capacity
• Low Level Alerts
• Sudden Drop Alerts
• Projected Run Out Date

Large Properties & Business'...Multiple Tanks

The EasiLIFE monitors can work across any number of tanks in your home or business. We support many tank types and measure virtually any liquid. Each tank will be individually fitted with an EasiLIFE monitor so we can gather data from each tank.

Why you should upgrade...Business Benefits

As well as the above, business' will also benefit from;

• Improved Efficiency
• Intuitive Stock Planning
• Reduced Expenditure
• Monitoring Multiple Tanks
• Sudden Drop & Leak Alerts
• Stock Visibility
• Eliminating Overfilling
• Increasing Traceability
• Minimising Staff Injuries & Safety Issues
• Avoiding Insurance Premiums & Accident Claims
• Assists Green Compliance Reporting

Ford Fuels Heating Oil for Homes

EasiLIFE – Frequently Asked Questions

What is fitted to my tank?

A small monitor (H 16cm x W 10cm x D 9cm) will be fitted to the top of your tank. The monitor uses ultrasonic pulses to measure the levels across your tank population. A built-in SIM card sends this information to Ford Fuels through a data centre.


What liquids can I use the EasiLIFE monitor with?

Lubricants, Diesel, Kerosene, AdBlue®, Waste Oil, Additives and many other liquids.

Please contact us if you have and specific requirements or queries.

What tank types can the EasiLIFE monitor be used on?

Plastic, Steel, GRP, Sectional, Bunded, Single Skin, <4m in height, Over or Underground.

Please contact us if you have and specific requirements or queries.

What data and statistics are Ford Fuels able to see with the EasiLIFE monitor?

Liquid Levels, Consumption Data, Fill Volume, Sudden Drop Alert, Projected Run Out Date and Low Level Alerts. With this data we are able to monitor your tank(s) perfectly. We can then arrange top ups at the precise times you need them, eliminating the possibility of you running out unexpectedly.

Can I add EasiLIFE to multiple tanks?

The EasiLIFE Monitor can work across any number of tanks for your house/ business. Each tank would need one monitor fitted each.

Can I set restrictions on when and how much you refill?

Yes. Before we fit a monitor we will discuss all the option to make sure our EasiLIFE monitor is going to take all the hassle and worry out of reordering.

As an EasiLIFE customer you will be able to;

  • Set limits on the days and times of delivery.
  • Set the minimum tank levels before we can top-up.
  • Set a maximum top-up level.
  • Receive notifications before we deliver.
  • Receive an itemised delivery note after every top-up.
  • Request notification when you hit an agreed level of spending.
  • Request regular updates on telemetry gathered from the monitor.
  • Receive notification of sudden fuel level drops.
Is the monitor easily removed if I stop using EasiLIFE?

Yes. If you decide to end your EasiLIFE, one of our engineers will return to the property to uninstall the monitor. This is an easy process and the engineer will leave your tank in excellent condition.

Will I recieve any data on my fuel usage patterns?

Yes, if you wish to. Although we do not do this automatically for every customer, we can send you all the data we collect on a regular basis, or upon individual request.

Is there a delivery charge with automatic refills?

No. All automatic top-ups have no delivery charge, you are just paying for the fuel/product you are receiving.

Is there an EasiLIFE monitor installation fee?

There is a one off installation fee of……

Does upgrading to EasiLIFE cost more?

No. There are no additional fees to the service.

Can EasiLIFE be used within my business?

Yes. We can fit multiple monitors to a single business/large property.

Can EasiLIFE be used with my tanks at home?


How long does the installation of the EasiLIFE monitor take?

One of our expert engineers will arrange to come and fit the EasiLIFE monitor(S). This installation will take about…….. If it is preferable, and as long as the tank is accessible, we can install the monitor without your presence at the property.

How does an EasiLIFE monitor help prevent theft and leakages?

Sudden Drop Alerts are a critical feature we provide to help prevent fuel theft and to limit tank damage and fuel loss. If Ford Fuels notices your levels dropping an unusual amount in a short space of time, we can notify you of a potential theft from, or leakage in, your tank.