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Charity Double Marathon

Weʼre raising £500 to to donate between the British Heart Foundation and Timsbury Cricket Club

‘Team Ford Fuels’ consists of five employees selected form Ford Fuels’ multiple depots. The athlete profile of each individual varies considerably and we have a mix of seasoned marathon runners and individuals who have never even managed a half marathon, let alone a double!

Our team consists of two HGV tanker drivers (Rob Coles & Colin Turner), a commercial accountant (Adam Brinkworth), a depot manager (Rob Robinson) and an operations manager (Ryan Bowers).

On June 25th 2022 we will start a nonstop ultra-marathon called ‘Race to the Tower’. The marathon starts just north of Stroud and then follows the Cotswold way, finishing at Broadway tower. The total distance is 52.4miles and has 7,476ft of elevation and the whole distance is cross country!

Race to the Tower – Full route

In the past three years our business has sadly and unexpectedly lost two exceptional colleagues and the two organisations we are raising money for are in their memory.

Jer Thompson – Nov 2019

Richard Ford – Feb 2021

We are raising money for two causes:

The British Heart Foundation

Timsbury Cricket Club

Both of these causes are close to Ford Fuels’ heart. Timsbury is where Ford Fuels began and much of the Ford family are still living there today. Jer himself was an active member of the Timsbury Cricket Club and had a great passion for the game. Richard, who gave so much to Ford Fuels as a Director, loved the Timsbury community and had resided in the village his who life, before passing away from a heart attack in his family home in 2021.

The funds that are raised will be split equally between the two organisations following the event on June 25th 2022.

You can follow our training and the event on our Strava pages:

Rob R Strava

Ryan Strava

Rob C Strava

Adam Strava

Colin Strava

We hope in the era of continuous fund raising that you can consider donating for our causes. Thank you for reading our page, you can donate below.