By Carbon Offsetting you are funding Green Initiative Projects that reduce carbon emissions around the world.

There are a variety of projects that are funded through Carbon Offsetting, for example, Forestry Restoration Wind Farms and Hydro Electric Dams. Each project has been validated at the highest level to ensure they are long term and sustainable.

Ford Fuels pre purchases credits from the Carbon Offsetting scheme. Those credits are then assigned to the customer accordingly. The scheme backs many different global initiatives. Ford Fuels will provide the customer with a certificate to provide evidence of which projects they have helped fund.

Not all the projects are abroad, however the UK ones do run at a much higher cost (+12-15p per litre, on top of the standard bulk fuel price).

However, one should consider that in the UK there are already commercial benefits and grants from the government for such projects. In many other nations where there isn’t government support there has to be some incentive to move to renewable energy, without the project issuing carbon credits it would never get off the ground and thus not reduce CO2.

+2.5p per litre, on top of the standard bulk fuel price.

No, Carbon Offsetting credits are zero rated for VAT purposes.

By carbon Offsetting you save 2.6 metric tonnes per 1,000Litres sold.

Many customers want to go green, but for many of them HVO/Renewable Fuel may not be a viable alternative to fossil fuel (as prices are currently significantly higher). Carbon Offsetting may be the answer, until prices drop, as it is only +2.5p per litre, on top of the standard bulk fuel price, but has the benefits of contributing to a greener future.

Yes. As a top-up customer all your orders will have Carbon Offsetting applied unless you request otherwise.

No. Each time you order you will be given the chance to opt into Carbon Offsetting for that specific order.