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Will HVO Be Available For Domestic Use?

Ford Fuels are proud to be working within the industry to help bring renewable alternative fuels to the market. HVO fuel is one such fuel, which can reduce emissions by up to 90%. Once trials are complete we plan to also make these fuels available to our domestic customers.

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Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, or HVO for short, is a 100% renewable fuel that is a drop-in replacement for traditional Diesel and Gas Oil. Renewable fuels are an important part of the UK’s drive to net zero emissions. Ford Fuels are proud to give their help and expertise in providing alternative fuels that can reduce emissions by up to 90%.

HVO - Renewable FuelWhat is 'HVO'?

HVO, is a renewable liquid fuel made from certified waste fats and used cooking oils, manufactured by a synthesised process with hydrogen to create a greener, cleaner fuel. The ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) confirms HVO is a sustainable fuel that is made from waste products or crops and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

HVO - Renewable FuelWhen Will It Be Available?

We hope to introduce the new fuel in 2022, subject to the completion of successful trials and obtaining government approval to use HVO as a heating fuel. Our aim is to then enable existing oil heating users to convert to the new fuel gradually during the 2020s and 2030s.

HVO - Renewable FuelWill HVO Be More Expensive?

At present HVO is more expensive than heating oil and we are discussing with government how best to introduce the new fuel and reduce the cost. We anticipate that a scheme similar to one used for green road transport fuels could be used to enable HVO to be offered at an affordable price. Even if HVO is more expensive, the overall cost is likely to be much cheaper than switching to a completely different heating system.

HVO - Renewable FuelWill there be enough HVO to meet demand?

Demand for renewable liquid fuels is increasing – and so is the supply of waste materials to manufacture them. Large quantities of biodiesel are already used in transport fuels and, as electric vehicles become more common, the raw materials can be used to make HVO instead. Production of HVO is forecast to rise by over 300% in Europe alone between 2020 and 2025 and expected to increase as fast, or even faster, elsewhere in the world. We have spoken to all of the main European and US HVO suppliers and they have confirmed that their plans to increase production would meet our requirements. We are working with Government to ensure that there are clear policies in place to encourage supply as demand grows and reduce costs.

HVO - Renewable FuelWill HVO work with older appliances and AGAs?

Yes. Testing carried out so far suggests HVO will work with virtually any existing oil heating appliance once some simple modifications have been made. In all cases the use of HVO will dramatically cut carbon emissions, but to achieve maximum carbon reduction, we recommend upgrading older appliances to a modern, high efficiency ‘A rated’ boiler. This is likely to save significantly on fuel and running costs.

HVO - Renewable FuelCan HVO be used in my existing tank?

Our trials suggest this is possible and there should be no reason why HVO cannot be stored in the tank you have, as long as it is well maintained. We will be asking customers to reduce their kerosene levels to as low as possible before making the swap and may recommend having the inside of the tank cleaned as part of the conversion process. As part of any switch from Kerosene to HVO we recommend that HVO is only introduced to existing storage installations which have secondary containment and are less than 20 years old.

If you are transitioning from oil to HVO, it may be an ideal opportunity for you to consider upgrading the tank in your garden and installing a bunded oil tank, which is a tank within a leak proof area or a double skinned oil tank. A bunded tank offers an extra layer of protection for homeowners against costly accidental oil spillages, theft, and environmental concerns.

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