Ford Fuels Heating Oil for Homes

What is BetterBURN Fuel?

BetterBURN is up to 10% more efficient than standard fuel.

BetterBURN has been developed through rigorous research and development in order for us to supply the best quality fuels to our customers. BetterBURN provides the following benefits:

• Reduces sludge build-up in tanks
• Increases fuel shelf life and reduces sticky deposits (gums)
• Improves combustion instantly
• Reduces deposit build-up on nozzles and heat exchanges
• Better resistance to water contamination
• Eases routine maintenance
• Maximises system efficiency
• Guards against premature metal-related aging


Why Switch to BetterBURN Fuel?

Better efficiency is obtained by reducing deposit and sludge build-up in your system.

With standard fuel, in your storage tank…

Example of how sludge can build up over time in your storage tank.


How is BetterBURN Fuel More Efficient?

BetterBURN Active Ingredients:

  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Dispersants
  • Detergents
  • Demulsifier
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Metal Deactivator

Antioxidants, deposit control chemicals, and metal deactivator:

  • Fuel stabilisers inhibit deposits forming when fuel is stored
  • Dispersants ensure smaller deposits go through filter/nozzle & are burnt
  • Deposits do not build up on nozzles or heat exchanger surfaces
  • Sludge formation dramatically reduced
  • Breaks down & disperses existing sludge

Antioxidants, deposit control chemicals, and metal deactivator:

  • Heating oil stability is measured using DIN 51471 & 51371
  • Shell standard (Storage sediment <12.2mg/kg,  Thermal sediment <32.5mg/kg)

Metal Deactivator:

Heating oil will darken and degrade over time, this is speeded up when in contact with the copper lines in heating oil systems. Metal Deactivator is designed to reduce fuel degradation caused by the interaction with metals in the fuel system. Deposits do not build up on nozzles or heat exchanger surfaces which helps lower emissions and fuel consumption.

Corrosion Inhibitor:

Corrosion Inhibitor are designed to prevent rust from forming in the heating oil system.

  • Fewer rust deposits
  • Increased life of metal parts

Pump manufacturer’s pictures of internal corrosion

A= Standard Kerosene    B= BetterBURN

A.   B.


Demulsifiers are designed to prevent a water in oil emulsion from forming and becoming stable.


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