Ford Fuels Heating Oil for Homes

The Steps to Converting to HVO.

Once you have contacted us about switching to Renewable Fuel / HVO, you may wonder what happens next. Below is a list of all of the steps that will happen to help get your household onto its greener way of living.

  1. We send a surveyor to site to assess if the existing tank and boiler are compatible with HVO, and accessible for conversion.
  2. We will advise on the best option for conversion and provide a fixed price to complete the work, and any additional work required.
  3. A date for conversion is agreed, to match the estimated time that the tank will run dry.
  4. On Day 1 of the conversion, a tank team will attend site and remove any existing fuel/sludge from the tank and fit a new tank isolation valve and filter suitable for biofuels. They also use a compressor to clean the existing oil supply line from the oil tank to the appliance.
  5. On Day 2 a delivery of HVO fuel is made by your local Ford Fuels Depot.
  6. Also on Day 2, a Heating Engineer attends site. They replace any filters, valves, de-aerators, and fire valves on the existing oil line to bio-fuel compatible alternatives. At the boiler, they will replace any flexible oil hoses, oil nozzle and fuel pump if required. The burner adjustments are then made to achieve the correct combustion readings.
  7. A HVO label is applied to you tank to ensure that no other fuels are delivered.
  8. 1 month after the conversion a Heating engineer will return for a courtesy visit to ensure all is as it should be, and the boiler is performing efficiently.

Please note that waste fuel removed on Day 1 of conversion is charged at an additional 30ppl to the quoted price.

Please also be aware that we do not offer HVO conversions for Aga/Rayburn vaporising appliances.