Ford Fuels Heating Oil for Homes

Energy Crisis – Government Support Increase

Budget Announcement by Chancellor

The chancellor has today announced an increase in the alternative fuel payment to £200 for all off-grid domestic homes that use fuels such as heating oil. He has also announced a £150 payment that will be available to all non-domestic customers with a top up for larger users. He however has not provided timings on this.

As we have informed you without previous posts, UKIFDA has been working with the government on the mechanism to get the payment to oil heating customers. The government’s recent announcement confirmed that that the mechanism to receive the fixed payment to heating oil users will be made via their electricity bills.

Government’s formal words:

  • The government will double to £200 the level of support for households that use alternative fuels, such as heating oil, liquified petroleum gas, coal or biomass, to heat their homes. This support will be delivered as soon as possible this winter. The government will provide this payment to all Northern Ireland households in recognition of the prevalence of alternative fuel usage in Northern Ireland


Ford Fuels welcomes the increased support for domestic heating oil users and recommends that customers purchase heating oil as normal and should even try to purchase earlier to help avoid the seasonal rush for delivery spots.

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