Ford Fuels Heating Oil for Homes

Energy Price Cap Announcement

Today’s announcement by OFGEM that typical gas / electricity prices will rise by 80% from October is a worry for many homeowners. With another review due in 3 months’ time, it seems that another increase is inevitable, and further pressure being put on household bills.

Whilst heating oil is outside of the price cap, Ford Fuels is acutely aware of the pressure high energy and oil prices have on our customers. We have been working hard to try and limit the impact of high energy prices, and the impact on home budgets of large payments coming out in one hit.

Standing Order Payment

Current Ford Fuels customers can apply to pay for their fuel monthly by taking advantage of our monthly direct debit scheme. By paying smaller, regular amounts into your account it avoids a large payment having to be made when you have your delivery from us. To apply for a standing order account please contact your local Ford Fuels depot.

Fixed Price Heating Oil:

We are also working on a fixed pricing option where customers can select to secure their price in advance for fuel delivered later in the Winter. Fixing your fuel price has the following benefits:

• Know what price you will be paying for your fuel in advance.
• Helps balance your household budget.
• Guarantee supply of your fuel in the event of fuel shortages.
• Secure your price for only a 10% deposit.
• Protect yourself against price rises over the coming months.

For more information on our fixed price heating oil option please contact our pricing team on 01761 452222.

It is important to remember that energy prices can go down as well as up. Our intention by fixing the price is to give customers certainty over the price they will be paying and does not guarantee a lower price. You will be liable to pay for any fuel that is purchased.


Contact us HERE for more information.