Damaged Tanks

Damaged Tanks

If your tank is damaged we can not fill it as this may cause major financial and legal problems if there is an accident or it leaks.

Incorrectly Installed Tanks

Incorrectly Installed Tanks

If your tank has not been properly installed/placed there is a higher risk of tank accidents, as well as the safety issues it may cause our drivers.

Resolving the Situation

Resolving the Situation

We are here to help. We can provide a replacement tank and site survey to get the problems fixed ASAP.

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Unsafe Deliveries

With ever changing (and increasing) insurance stipulations, our drivers are trained in the importance of assessing and minimising risk with every delivery they undertake. Therefore, on occasion, your delivery driver may identify a reason why they cannot deliver the fuel to you as it may pose a risk to them, to your property or the environment.

Unsafe deliveries...Why We Report Unsafe Deliveries

As the competent responsible professional, we have a duty of care for our drivers, customers and the environment – we may be liable if things were to go wrong. Our delivery drivers have the responsibility to report unsafe situations and concerns back to the company and Ford Fuels are obliged to report this to you the customer.

We abide by all legal requirements, industry standards and guidelines, as well as our own safe systems of work, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service.

Our delivery drivers must follow company process and report unsafe tanks or deliveries, by doing so the risk of personal injury, damage to property or the environment is reduced significantly.

We have an ‘Unsafe Delivery Reporting’ process, which the delivery driver is required to follow if they identify a reason as to why the safe delivery cannot be made.

Unsafe deliveries...What is an Unsafe Delivery?
  • If it shows signs of wear, cracks, splits, bulging, rust. Any factors that could cause a fuel spill.
  • If there are signs of leaks or spills. Faulty pipework or risk of fire.
  • If the base of the tank is not safe and suitable to support it.
  • If it is a plastic tank and the whole base is not fully supported.
  • If oil storage tanks are positioned on wooden pallets or not made of suitable materials (concrete, paving stones).
  • If oil storage tanks are situated too high.
  • If access to your property or fuel tank is compromised which could lead to damage to our vehicle or your property.
  • If there are animals loose which may pose a threat to the drivers personal safety.
Unsafe deliveries...Impact of a Fuel Spill

Spills resulting from incorrect installation of as tank, or from a cracked or damaged tank, can have a large environmental impact. They can also cause problems with ground works, unwanted odours, structural damage, contaminated land, negative impact of value of property, disruption.

Unsafe deliveries...How to Remedy the Problem

Ford Fuels can offer advice and help. If you wish, one of our experienced engineering team can carry out a survey free of charge and help find a solution in order for you to receive your delivery.

Please contact us and we will talk you through your options.

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