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Update: Government Support

The government has announced further detail with respect to the domestic and non-domestic alternative fuel payments:


  • The ÂŁ200 Payments will start today (06/02/23).
  • Most customer will get the payment automatically as a credit on their electricity bill
    • They are expected to be completed within the month – although this will depend on customers’ suppliers and how they pay their bills.
  • A small minority of customers, including those living in park homes or on houseboats with no direct electricity supplier, will need to apply to the domestic AFP Alternative Fund to receive payment. An application portal on will open later in February, alongside further information on which households will need to apply. Those on the gas grid but without a gas connection and using alternative fuels as their main heating source will also likely need to take this route.


  • In a similar way from Wednesday (08/02/23), payments of ÂŁ150 will be made to businesses and both public and voluntary sector organisations that use alternative fuels to heat their buildings. Electricity suppliers will deliver this support up to 10th March, with most customers expected to receive it later this month. There is no need to contact your supplier.

Electricity suppliers will be provided with a list of households eligible to receive support under the Alternative Fuel Payments (AFP), identifiable by their Meter Point Access Number (MPAN).

  • MPANs are unique codes assigned to everyone’s electricity supply. The government determined whether an MPAN was eligible by taking a list of all domestic MPANs and removing those which are on the gas grid or where the local area predominantly uses electricity for heating
  • households eligible to receive ÂŁ200 AFP have been determined using:
    • GB post codes where there is no active gas meter connection as of 13 December 2022
    • mapping active GB post codes to Lower layer Super Output Areas (LSOA) using ONS National Statistics Postcode Lookup
    • census data on heating type
    • the MPAN report produced by the Retail Energy Code (REC), which will be accurate as of February 2023

Scam Warning

The AFP Alternative Fund application portal will open later in February. The application process will require households to provide their bank details – any direct request for your bank details from any individual or organisation is very likely a scam and should not be responded to.

Customers should take no action until the online portal launches later in February. The application process will require customers to enter their household bank details onto the portal. Customers will not be asked for details by any individual or organisation prior to this or outside of the portal, and any such contact is likely to be a scam. If you require additional help when applying for your AFP support, you may wish to seek assistance from a family member or trusted friend.

Full details of the update can be found here: –


We continue to advise customers to purchase their heating oil as usual ahead of the cold weather.

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